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The TU Wien (main organizer) and Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH (co-organizer) are proud to host INCOM2024 in Vienna, Austria.


Organizing Committee

Host Institutions

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Fraunhofer Austria is a leading research and technology organization based in Austria. As part of the global Fraunhofer Network, it focuses on applied research and development in various fields, including digitization and automation in manufacturing, assembly and logistics as well as assistance systems, human-centered work design, supply chain management, machine vision, and AI. With a team of dedicated scientists, engineers and industry experts, Fraunhofer Austria works closely with companies, universities and public institutions to drive innovation and provide practical solutions to real-world challenges. By applying cutting-edge technologies and know-how, Fraunhofer Austria plays an important role in promoting economic growth, improving competitiveness and shaping a sustainable future for Austria and beyond.

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