Conference Sessions

All Invited/Special Session proposals and Open Tracks must be electronically submitted through the PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System.

Important Notice to the authors- For paper submission, you need to select a session from this page and apply the associated code of the session during the submission in PaperCept.

Regular Sessions

Authors are invited to submit draft papers reporting original research of theoretical or applied nature. Final manuscripts are limited to 6 pages.

Invited Sessions

Invited sessions consist of papers focusing on targeted subjects and presenting a unifying theme. Invited session organizers should
submit an abstract that summarizes the aim and the content of the invited session. If at least 5 papers are accepted, the session is included in the symposium program as an invited session, otherwise, the papers will be included in regular sessions.

Invited Session Proposal

  • Industry 5.0 – Human-centered production and logistics systems, Code: r4ir4, Download Call for Papers
  • Smart intralogistics for warehousing and material handling in manufacturing and distribution systems, Code: ff2f1, Download Call for Papers
  • Digital Twin in Intelligent Manufacturing and Logistics Systems, Code: st9cd, Download Call for Papers
  • Unintended environmental, social, and economic effects of the Physical Internet and possible solutions, Code: acd85, Download Call for Papers
  • Challenges and opportunities in applying Additive Manufacturing for Operations and Supply Chain Management, Code: 5kj7u, Download Call for Papers
  • Supply chain resilience and viability, Code: y1bx5, Download Call for Papers
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Reinforcement Learning Approaches to Intralogistics Systems, Code: 133e9, Download Call for Papers
  • LARG (Lean, Agile, Resilient, Green) Supply Chains and Manufacturing Systems, Code: 871i1, Download Call for Papers
  • Sustainable manufacturing-distribution systems: recent advances in reliability and maintenance modelling and optimization, Code: m3xey, Download Call for Papers
  • Digital Transformation in SMEs: industrial practices, state of the art, challenges and issues, Code: fm4u5, Download Call for Papers
  • Technologies for circular economy and sustainability in industry, Code: s9iy4, Download Call for Papers
  • Machine learning and Knowledge engineering for Engineer-To-Order products, Code: 4d568, Download Call for Papers
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence Methods in Production Planning and Control Tasks – Experiences from Case-studies, Laboratory Experiments, Simulation Experiments, Code: 8vcx7, Download Call for Papers
  • Physical Internet in modern logistics and supply chain management, Code: 351ie, Download Call for Papers
  • New norms of global logistics and supply chain management, Code: pj69g, Download Call for Papers
  • Reconfigurable, Flexible or Agile Manufacturing Systems to deal with a VUCA World, Code: 7p1x5, Download Call for Papers
  • Modelling and Optimization of Deteriorating Inventories, Code: rfby4, Download Call for Papers
  • New developments in the biological transformation in manufacturing, Code: yk3jy , Download Call for Papers
  • Smart Supply Chains for Sustainable Manufacturing , Code: 397gh, Download Call for Papers
  • Big data analytics adoption in enhancing the resilience of manufacturing and distribution systems: Incentive, implementation, and impact, Code: 7q8g6 , Download Call for Papers
  • Extended reality and metaverse to address the social challenges of manufacturing and healthcare in the industry 5.0, Code: r1i78, Download Call for Papers
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Supply Chain AI, Code: r871n, Download Call for Papers
  • Simulation modeling, machine learning and optimization algorithms to support decision making in production and logistics, Code: 3q6i4, Download Call for Papers

Special Sessions

Special sessions offer a venue for the presentation of topics of special academic, social or industrial interest, such as emerging research areas or the most recent trends in manufacturing engineering. The format of special sessions is more flexible; it allows a panel discussion, led by the session chair(s), to motivate the exchange of opinions among presenters and participants.

Special Session Proposals

Open Invited Tracks

Open Invited Tracks consist of regular papers focusing on targeted subjects; they have no upper limit on the number of papers; only those tracks having gathered more than 5 papers will be considered.

Open Track Session Proposal

  • Intelligent Methods and Tools supporting Decision Making in Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains, Code: h1gtq, Download Call for Papers
  • System identification for manufacturing control applications, Code: 748bx, Download Call for Papers
  • CHAllenges to human–machine collaboration for SUstainable Production (CHASUP’24), Code: t4x7w, Download Call for Papers
  • AI in the Cognitive Cyber-Physical Enterprise, Code: 2165j, Download Call for Papers
  • Complexity in Control of Circular Supply Chains and Distributed Production, Code: b15h5, Download Call for Papers
  • Internet of Things for Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Enhancing Efficiency, Collaboration, and Information Sharing, Code: 99ss4, Download Call for Papers
  • Large-Scale Complex Networked Systems within the Manufacturing Industry: Control and Resilience, Code: f1tba, Download Call for Papers